What to do with ModePageCode.CONTROL_MODE_PAGE of SCSI ModeSenseStage?

Knight, Frederick Frederick.Knight at netapp.com
Fri Apr 10 06:23:31 PDT 2015

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MODE PAGEs are optional.  So this could be viewed as a host bug (they do not
support compliant products), or as an additional requirement that VMware
places on a SCSI device above and beyond what the standard requires (several
hosts have those kinds of requirements).
You could always try implementing the CONTROL MODE PAGE with all zeros (in
bytes 2-11).  As for specifically which fields VMware cares about, and what
values they expect/require in those fields – you’ll have to have VMware
answer that part.
		Fred Knight
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Subject: What to do with ModePageCode.CONTROL_MODE_PAGE of SCSI
I am using a iSCSI target write in Java (jscsi.org<http://jscsi.org&gt;). I can
connect from microsoft windows initiator and linux open-iscsi initiator. My
problem is when I try to connect from vmware. I can discovery my iqn, but
when I try to format the disk the target doesn't recognize the message
CONTROL_MODE_PAGE(0x0a, 0x00) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SCSI_mode_page
The target iscsi code is here
1 - Is there at vmware some parameter to disable the initiator send this
2 - If answer 1 is no, is there a manual to help me develop a code to this

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