Head Up: ... New procedure for voting on ISO/IEC DIS ballots about to be implemented

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Wed Apr 8 16:47:32 PDT 2015

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Since the last time the T10 chair conducted a Letter Ballot on an ISO/IEC DIS
(Draft International Standard), an additional step has been inserted into the
process. The new step has the moniker "Call for Positions and Comments".
The purpose of the Call for Positions and Comments is to demonstrate for the
record that the T10 membership has been fully consulted regarding the
proposed Position (i.e., Approve or Disapprove) for the DIS, and that the
contents of the ensuing DIS Letter Ballot really represent the opinion of the
T10 membership.
As might be expected given the affirmative vote regarding the initiation of
the ISO/IEC project that resulted in the DIS being sent to ballot, the
opening (aka default) Position for any Call for Positions and Comments will
be to Approve without comments.
If the opening Position is acceptable to your organization, no further action
is required in response to the Call for Positions and Comments. ...
Naturally, organization representatives might want to prepare for the DIS
Letter Ballot that will follow hot on the heels of the closure of the Call
for Positions and Comments.
The representatives of organizations that disagree with the opening Position,
will need to both: 1) recommend their organization's choice for Position
(Approve|Disapprove); and 2) provide comments that reflect the choice of
Position. This information must be sent to the mailing list from which the
Call for Positions and Comments was received to maintain a proper record of
the electronic discussion. Private comments to the Chair and/or IR may not
modify the contents of the subsequent DIS Letter Ballot.
As of this writing, a Call for Positions and Comments regarding the DIS for
ISO/IEC 14776-323 SBC-3 has been submitted to INCITS for approval. Expect it
to be sent sometime Thursday, 9 April.
All the best,

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