Updated 14-275r8

Bill Martin-SSI bill.martin at ssi.samsung.com
Wed Apr 8 10:16:31 PDT 2015

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I felt the discussion on the call was whether we could get by with 5 bits or
required more. I am not sure that there is a difference between 8 bits and 16
bits since either require a new command. I am working with two customers to
provide justification for greater than 64 streams. I have a very specific
implementation that has shown little improvement with fewer than 100 streams
and a minimum of 128 streams would be very beneficial. This is based on
actual implementation of a prototype implementation.
Bill Martin
SSD I/O Standards
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Cell (408) 499-1839
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Subject: RE: Updated 14-275r8
Based on the most recent call, I was under the impression that the stream ID
was going to be reduced to 1 byte.  Did I miss something?
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Subject: Updated 14-275r8
I have updated 14-275 with the suggestions from last week's call. Please get
back to me with any additional concerns by Apri1 19 so that I can have a
clean version for discussion at next week's meeting.
Bill Martin
SSD I/O Standards
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Cell (408) 499-1839

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