Issues with 14-128r2: unmap clarifications

Nadesan Narenthiran Nadesan.Narenthiran at
Mon Sep 8 11:09:05 PDT 2014

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The change at the top of page 3 for section 4.11.3 (completing a sanitize
operation) is a new requirement on drives.  The proposed text says,
the initial condition for every LBA should be anchored (see or
deallocated (see (i.e.,
LBAs that have been sanitized should be set to zero and autonomous LBA
transitions (see
result in the LBAs becoming anchored or deallocated); and
Currently a Cryptographic Sanitize operation is not required to set any
particular value for the user data.  The host is only guaranteed consistent
garbage data afterwards.  However this new text requires all zero data to be
returned for the read command.	I think this part of the change should be
clarified or struck.
Someone with a better understanding on thin provisioned logical units should
look at the middle of page 4 at the text
For a thin provisioned logical unit (see with the ANC_SUP bit set to
zero in the Logical Block Provisioning
VPD page (see 6.6.4):
b) an ANCHOR bit set to one specifies that the device server shall terminate
the command with CHECK
CONDITION status with the sense key set to ILLEGAL REQUEST and the additional
sense code set
a) an ANCHOR bit set to zero specifies that any LBA on which an unmap
operation is performed shall
become deallocated.
I am guessing that the wording on item a (second item on this list) should be
a "should" and not a "shall"; Or that the wording should be a copy of item a
|from the previous list.
BTW, noting that item numbering needs to be corrected in a number of lists
(example at above location).
Have a nice day.

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