SAM-5 SPC-5 SBC-4 Command Deadlines (T10/14-107r7)

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Hi, all.
I've uploaded the latest version of the Command Deadlines proposal:
Revision 7:
Incorporated suggestions from the 28 October 2014 SAM-5 teleconference:
*		     Stylistic changes.
*		     Offer three ASC/Qs to be reported, the choice depending
upon whether command processing has begun.  This is differentiated by whether
the LU_DS state has received a Command message.
*		     If data transfer has not been requested, then command
termination is required; if data transfer has been requested, then command
termination is optional.
Especially see the addition to the LU_DS state machine.  Factorization run
data transfer requested
NACA set
processing started
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