Renaming Command Deadlines (14-107)

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Thu Oct 16 16:54:15 PDT 2014

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At Tuesday's SAM-5 call, I received a recommendation not to use the term
"command deadline time" because that implied an absolute wall clock time,
rather than a duration that begins when the command is received by the device
One suggestion was "command processing time limit."  This could be confusing
because it's too close to "command processing timeout," which is in SPC-4 and
is a totally different concept; see the command timeouts descriptor in REPORT
SUPPORTED OPCODES.  Moreover, "time limit" could also imply a wall clock
Another objection I have is that I'd be replacing three words with four and
this proposal is wordy enough already.
How about:
a)	Command duration limit (Do we *have* to say "processing" - can it be
b)	Command lifetime limit
Other suggestions?
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