Does ZBC need a VPD page?

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Mon Oct 6 12:08:15 PDT 2014

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Other than the fact that code - both initiator and target - has already been
written to the VPD page implementation, there is the inference that material
in the REPORT ZONES parameter data may be dynamic, while VPD page data has
the implication of being static.
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On Oct 4, 2014, at 7:22 AM, Ralph Weber wrote:
Based on the ZBC interface simplification ideas introduced for the REPORT
ZONES command in 14-212 (see, some WD engineers have
asked whether additional reductions in complexity might be accomplished by
moving the contents of the Zoned Block Device VPD page to the amply spacious
header of the REPORT ZONES parameter data.
To this end, a detailed proposal has been uploaded for review during Monday's
ZBC call:
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