Error in incorporation of 13-255r3 to SPC-4

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If SPC-4 were not "ready for publication" in the opinion of the ANSI Editor,
there might be a painless way to fix this, but such is not the case.
Therefore, I recommend the preparation of a proposal to modify SPC-5 (based
on SPC-4 r37a, of course). This approach will have the added benefit of
greasing the skids for making the change in ISO/IEC SPC-4, which will
eventually replace ANSI SPC-4 in all the relevant standards purchase stores.
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Subject: Error in incorporation of 13-255r3 to SPC-4
It appears that I failed to confirm the correct incorporation of 13-255r3
into SPC-4. I just noticed that SPC-4r37 has an incorporation error related
to T10/13-255r3. It appears that in Table 223 — Status to be returned if
medium auxiliary memory is not accessible, the "present" and "not present"
were put in the incorrect rows.
Does this need a proposal to fix it?
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