Obsoleting Log Page Thresholding work (14-249)

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Wed Nov 12 13:51:18 PST 2014

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During last weeks CAP, Ralph presented a proposal to obsolete thresholding 
(14-249r1).  IBM supported removing the ETC bit and the TMC field but did 
not support removing the Threshold values and the Default threshold values 
|from the Page control (PC) field.  I was given the task of coming back 
with a proposal for how to accomplish the obsoletion of ETC and TMC but 
still keep the threshold values in the page control field.
After discussing this with my engineers, we would like to keep Ralph's 
good work with the exception of instead of obsoleting the Threshold values 
and the Default threshold values from the Page control (PC) field they 
instead be made vendor-specific.  This solves the problem of backward 
compatibility to anybody who might have used them as specified in SPC-4 
and still allows our use of them.
Does anybody object to this course of action?
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