Golden Gate Bridge Tolls (November Plenary)

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Thanks, Paul; I'm trying to avoid those surcharges.
I got through on the FasTrak phone line and was able to pay.  They said that
this feature just went live on Tuesday and that it's been flakey, hence while
it should have been do-able on the web site, it's not, and phone hold times
have been up to 40 minutes.  (Mine was about ten or fifteen.)
Imagine that:  a new feature going live and having bugs.  I'm shocked,
So, hang in there.
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In the past, I have received bills for tolls from the rental car agency,
albeit with a surcharge and 1-2 weeks after the fact.
Paul Wassenberg
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Hi, all.
Yesterday or the day before it was said that we could pay the bridge tolls
for our rental cars by going online.  I did so (FasTrak web site) and when I
entered the license plate number was informed that it was associated with
another [sic] account and that I had to call FasTrak.  I've been on hold a
long time.
Does anyone have any better ideas for thsis?
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