Pre-forwarding SPC-4 letter ballot files posted

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Fri Mar 21 18:30:31 PDT 2014

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All SPC-4 letter ballot comments are resolved and (with the exception of two
front-matter comments) all resolutions are incorporated in SPC-4 r36s.
For the time being, the editor's work is done. Now, you must review the SPC-4
letter ballot information and prepare to vote on forwarding to public review
during the May meeting week.
Complaints registered via e-mail will be welcomed until the April 18 (i.e.,
the time of the T13 meeting week).
The usual cast of files are (or soon will be) available.
SPC-4 r36s:
People-friendly letter ballot comments report:
Supplemental file for letter ballot comments resolutions:
SPC-4 r36 (for loading Acrobat format comments):
Acrobat-format comments database:
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