Whether "FIRST BURST" is not necessary for SAS?

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Hi Dajian,
First Burst - is unsolicited data i.e. it may be received right after CMD is
received. If IO size is bigger than First Burst size, it would be more
complex algorithm for both Initiator and Target to handle part of the data as
unsolicited and part as solicited data using XFER_RDYs.
In my opinion, for small set of drives for small size IO writes, this feature
would enable higher performance, otherwise in most topologies, CMD to
XFER_RDY delay does not affect the performance negatively and hence no one
seems to bother with this feature.
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Subject: Whether "FIRST BURST" is not necessary for SAS?
We are a SAS Core Design team.
We have a doubt about the feature of "FIRST BURST".
Someone said that this feature is not using in the industry and will become=
 obsolete .
We don't know Whether it is necessary or not to achieve the feature of "FIR=
Can you give us some advices.
Dajian Song
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