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Paul Suhler Paul.Suhler at Quantum.Com
Fri Mar 7 09:23:01 PST 2014

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This is to let all my colleagues at T10 know that I'll be ending my work with
Quantum in two weeks.  I've really enjoyed the last fifteen and a half years
representing Seagate, Certance, and Quantum at T10 and T11, both for the
interesting work and for the interesting people.
Paul Stone will be assuming my duties as principal representative.  He'll
take over my proposals in the SSC working group.  I have one open proposal
against SPC-5 (13-362r2) which requires no further work, and Ralph or anyone
else in CAP can move that one when the time comes.
I'll let you all know where I land and whether I'll be back at T10.  After 21
March, my e-mail will be suhler [1] ieee [2] org.
[1] @
[2] .
So long and thanks for all the fish,
Paul A. Suhler, PhD | Firmware Engineer | Quantum Corporation | Office:
949.856.7748 | paul.suhler at quantum.com

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