SPC-4 section 5.6 - late letter ballot comment.

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As I was told many moons ago upon arrival for my first big-time programming
job in New England, "He who proposes, disposes."
If you do not like the current example, don't whine about it. Propose a
better one.
Otherwise ... It is only an example, and your mileage may vary.
All the best,
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I presume the peripheral device is required to keep the information
non-volatile. If the host system does something (like reformat the medium)
that should cause the identifying information to change, then the host system
is expected to send a new SET IDENTIFYING INFORMATION command to cause the
change. The host system may well want to continue using the same device with
the same volume label after the reformatting, but the peripheral device can't
know what the host system desires.
There certainly is no rule that certain events cause the identifying
information to return to some default pattern.
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The second and third paragraphs say:
	Identifying information shall persist through power cycles (i.e., be
	in non-volatile storage), hard resets, logical unit resets, I_T nexus
	media format operations, and media replacement.
	Table 61 defines the identifying information types.
The first Identifying Information Type entry in that table says:
	Peripheral device identifying information: a value describing
	the peripheral device (e.g., an operating system volume label)
The example is a problem.  Volume labels generally do not survive media
operations and media replacement.
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