SBC-4: WRITE ZEROS command definition uploaded

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Wed Mar 5 18:21:25 PST 2014

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The biggest vat of Kool Aid which could be found has not been sufficient to
stop the gnashing of teeth over the Force Unmap concept amongst HDD engineers
for whom totally virtualized LBA interfaces are a non sequitur.
Based on the complaints heard around the Irvine water coolers, an attempt to
find some middle ground in the form of a proposal for a new command has been
uploaded. The notion is to graft the stems from a WRITE SAME command onto the
roots from an UNMAP command.
In classic standardeze style, the result should annoy everybody equally, but
leave nobody a realistic opportunity to complain that SBC-4 is totally
ignoring their legitimate product requirements.
For the nascent details of the new direction see:
The author admits in advance that much work yet needs to be done, and pleads
a lack of time to properly learn the ropes for writing a perfect proposal
straight out of the chute.
See you in New Orleans,

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