Penultimate CAP review of the SPC-4 Letter Ballot

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Tue Mar 4 20:18:18 PST 2014

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The usual SPC-4 Letter Ballot cast of Acrobat brigands has been uploaded (see
below for the pro forma details).
This announcement differs from all preceding instances in one seriously
significant way. A very very small number of Letter Ballot comments remain to
be closed, and when that is done, the time will have come to forward SPC-4 to
Public Review.
The 15 open comments can be summarized as follows.
3 - Pending incorporation:
  *   1 - Remove revision history [LSI-4]
  *   1 - Ensure Numeric Codes Annex is up to date (esp. op codes) [HP-3070]
  *   1 - IANA linkage for iSCSI version descriptors [EMC-3008]
4 - Waiting for action on proposals:
  *   2 - Waiting for SAM-5 proposals 14-050 and 14-051 to be approved w/ no
SPC-4 mods [HP-283, HP-285]
  *   1 - SPC-4 mod is waiting for SAM-5 proposal 14-050 to be approved
  *   1 - Waiting for approval of SPC-4, SAM-5 Multi-LUN microcode download
updates (13-267) [Ballard] [Micron-3001]
8 - Flagged for March CAP discussion (see page 5 of 13-256r6 for details)
I expect the New Orleans CAP working group to apply as much time as may be
needed to close these 15 comments. If everybody is on their best behavior,
this work could take as little as four hours (consider this estimate to now
be appropriately jinxed).
A trio of recent developments in SPC-4 r36r may be of interest to the more
intense reviewers.
  *   For consistency with the way 12-404r1 reformatted its new row in table
211 (Persistent Reservations Allowed Commands field values), all the other
rows of table 211 were reformatted to the new "standard". This is not
believed to have resulted in any substantive changes, but ... your mileage
may vary.
  *   The Glossary was reformatted into the latest ISO style, which means a
very large number of "notes to entry" now appear in place of semi-colons and
other mind-altering hacks.
  *   An ISO Style Bibliography was added ... and populated with
not-precisely-normative items previously found amongst the Normative
References. Complaints about the editor's ham-handed work are not uncommon is
cases such as this.
The all to familiar litany of Letter Ballot files follows.
The human-readable (+/- 10%) SPC-4 Letter Ballot comments database:
The (amazingly short) supplement to the SPC-4 Letter Ballot comments
The SPC-4 revision that reflects all the worthy changes described in the
above two documents:
The Acrobat readable (barely) SPC-4 Letter Ballot comments database:
See you next week,

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