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Curtis has read 14-150 more carefully than I did. If 14-150 is about
changing the MODE field (not the MODE SPECIFIC field) to a different value
than the MODE field of the first download command in a sequence of download
commands, then I agree with his effort to call this out as an error
(Seagate products would report an error for this). This is different than
the MODE SPECIFIC field use case I was thinking of in my previous email.
On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 12:13 PM, Ballard, Curtis C (HP Storage) <
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>  It appears to me that the download ‘modes’ may be getting mixed up.  I
> don’t see anything in 14-150r0 that addresses use of the MODE SPECIFIC
> field, only the MODE field.  It is possible that similar issues exist for
> the MODE SPECIFIC field but those do not appear to be discussed in
> HP has products handle the MODE field similar to the way IBM describes
> their handling of the MODE SPECIFIC field.  Only valid MODE field settings
> are allowed in the initial command and any subsequent intermediate
> commands.  The MODE field setting in the final command determines the
> activation method.
> The explanation provided by one developer was that since they could find
> no method in SPC for determining which segment was the final segment they
> chose to begin the transfer with a mode that does not save the firmware and
> use a mode that has a save and activate rule for the final segment to
> notify the device server that it should now save and prepare for activation
> as specified.
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> Bill,
> IBM has products that use the MODE SPECIFIC field setting on the last
> segment and uses that regardless of what was set in previous segments
> (though  we do reject invalid values at all times).  Therefore, using the
> value in the first segment and forcing a reject for subsequent non-matching
> values would make IBM devices non-compliant.
> IBM votes for using the value in the last segment and not requiring
> consistent values throughout all the segments.  In reality, only the last
> segment causes an action, all the others are just sending portions of the
> image.
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