New document upload : 14-180r1 SES-3 and SPC-5 NVMe device identification

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A revised document has been uploaded and will be reviewed on the conference
call on 12th August
Call Details are attached here:
Tuesday 12th August
12:30 -2:00pm [PST]
Review document revisions from the July meeting.
Key changes include:
-	       Incorporated suggestions from WG feedback at May CAP meeting
(16th July 2014).
-	       Move SPC-5 Table 479 additional protocol definition change to
the beginning of the document.
-	       Added 3.7 Bit Byte ordering boiler plate to define little
endian nomenclature.
-	       Added the AES overview section to assist referencing the
proposal to existing text in SES.
-	       Refined field names to ensure a keyword search in other
standards will result in the appropriate terms and context.
Discussion on possibility to make the proposal generic to PCIe with a view to
supporting future alternate PCIe protocols (if any).
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