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>Subject: SAM-5: copy manager seldom an application client
>Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2014 18:44:57 -0400
>From: Douglas Gilbert <dgilbert at interlog.com>
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>In the SCSI Classes overview (clause 4.6.1 on page 32 in
>sam5r17.pdf) the UML diagram shows multiple inheritance
>for the copy manager. It is saying that a copy manager
>is (a type of) device server and is (a type of) application
>client. The first half of that statement is true but
>the second is only true for some standalone copy managers
>(see spc4r37a.pdf clause 5.16.2, figure 17).
>IMO the inheritance arrow (blue) from the copy_manager
>to the application_client should be dropped. Other options
>are to introduce a standalone_copy_manager which the
>copy_manager contains 0 or 1 of. Another level of indirection
>is needed to identify those standalone_copy_managers that use
>T10 techniques to talk to the device servers owning the source
>and destination of the copy (as the standalone_copy_manager
>can use other techniques such as a network). Then the UML
>diagram can say the t10_standalone_copy_manager is (a type
>of) application_client.
>Doug Gilbert
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