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PQI-2 Work Item List
(by: Ie-Wei Njoo)
T10/14-029r1   Uploaded: 2014/07/08   11123 bytes
PQI-2 - PQI Queue Priorities
(by: Ie-Wei Njoo)
T10/14-030r1   Uploaded: 2014/07/08   325882 bytes
SAT-3: Letter Ballot Comment Resolutions
(by: Neil Wanamaker)
T10/14-048r3   Uploaded: 2014/07/09   6704526 bytes
SAT-4: Logical Block Markup Descriptor annex
(by: Ralph Weber)
T10/14-052r4   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   203579 bytes
SAM-5: SPC-5: State Machines Makeover
(by: George Penokie)
T10/14-054r5   Uploaded: 2014/07/09   420519 bytes
SPL-4 Active transmitter tuning
(by: Tim Symons)
T10/14-077r2   Uploaded: 2014/07/12   0 bytes
ZBC Zoned Block Device VPD page
(by: Gerald Houlder)
T10/14-104r4   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   80412 bytes
SPC-5: Endurance Control
(by: Kevin Marks)
T10/14-145r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/10   28153 bytes
SPC-5: Storage initiated binding/unbinding (Implicit binding)
(by: Frederick Knight)
T10/14-146r1   Uploaded: 2014/07/08   392634 bytes
SPC-5: Of commands and service actions
(by: Ralph Weber)
T10/14-173r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/11   162928 bytes
ZBC Discussion: Active zones and host managed pinning
(by: Joe Breher)
T10/14-181r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   1024371 bytes
ZBC: Read across sequential write required zone boundary
(by: Joe Breher)
T10/14-182r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   92385 bytes
ZBC: Read unwritten sequential write required zone
(by: Joe Breher)
T10/14-183r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   92150 bytes
ZBC: Disallow unaligned writes for host aware devices
(by: Joe Breher)
T10/14-184r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/07   79114 bytes
Getting the LOG SELECT details right for thresholds in SPC-5
(by: Ralph Weber)
T10/14-185r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/08   145221 bytes
SPC-5: Clarification of LU Conglomerates, ALUA, and LU groups
(by: Frederick Knight)
T10/14-186r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/08   183530 bytes
ZBC Sequential write preferred zone state machine
(by: Gerald Houlder)
T10/14-187r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/09   51921 bytes
SBC-4 Resolve error cases with supporting Application Tag mode page
(by: Gerald Houlder)
T10/14-188r0   Uploaded: 2014/07/11   39121 bytes
Working Drafts
SCSI / ATA Translation - 3 (SAT-3)
(Editor: Neil Wanamaker)
 Rev: 05c      Uploaded: 2014/07/09   1600356 bytes
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