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I have tendered several proposals for consideration under ZBC. I'd love to be
able to present these in today's call.
14-181R0	 2014/07/07	 ZBC Discussion: Active zones and host
managed pinning
- a view of the transitions between zone conditions, and a means for hosts to
control where latencies due to resource management are incurred
14-182R0	 2014/07/07	 ZBC: Read across sequential write required
zone boundary
14-183R0	 2014/07/07	 ZBC: Read unwritten sequential write
required zone
- two related optional behavioral changes with indications thereof
14-184R0	 2014/07/07	 ZBC: Disallow unaligned writes for host
aware devices 
- why must we support unaligned accesses on conventional zones on host
managed zoned block devices? Just say no.
Thanks -
Joe Breher
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