SSC-5: CRC32C Polynomial for LBP Simplified

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Wed Jul 2 11:57:16 PDT 2014

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Since the first iteration of this concept garnered attention of some who 
don't normally attend the SSC Working Group, I wanted to notify those that 
were present and commented when we last discussed this. In the September 
2011 SSC Working Group meeting, the group reviewed a proposal from Oracle 
related to the iSCSI CRC.
SSC-4: Add iSCSI CRC Logical Block Protection Method (11-220r1) 
There were various suggestions given to Oracle about how to go about 
covering all the areas that needed covering and to provide a complete 
solution.  IBM was one of those claiming the proposal was incomplete and 
needed to be made complete.  We have taken another look at the proposal 
and have decided to work with Oracle to make this proposal complete within 
the bounds of those scenarios where the application client does not need 
to know what is actually recorded in the format on the medium.
I am hoping to discuss this in the July meeting for the purpose of rooting 
out any glaring holes that people think might be present.
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