SSD EOL Write Protect query

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I read Gerry's post to this thread to say that an error recovery technique is
known to exist wherein existing write protect features are used in ways
allowed by existing standards but not documented in said standards. Gerry
correctly notes that nobody is under any obligation to document the error
recovery uses of write protect.
  *   The write protect usage provides a valuable service.
  *   The standard allows write protect to be used in the way described.
  *   Detailing this particular use of write protect would harm the industry
because an updated standard would very probably be seen as a mandate to
broaden implementations unnecessarily.
The standard already says everything that is needed. No additional
standardization is needed. To my mind, that is the very reasonable statement
Gerry made.
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On 1/17/14 8:57 AM, Alan Yoder wrote:
I don't normally comment in this venue, but:
"Error recovery ... need not be discussed in the standard".
Huh ???????????
In the world I live in, error IS the normal behavior.
Dr. Alan G. Yoder, Ph.D.
Huawei Technologies
SNIA Technical Council
Error recovery is implementation. This is architecture. The architecture
should make the implementation easy, but should not generally define the

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