SPC-4 Letter Ballot files uploaded

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Fri Jan 10 18:10:52 PST 2014

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The SPC-4 letter ballot work has progressed to the point where about 1K
comment remain to be closed.
Fifty or sixty of those will be in the CAP crosshairs next week. The rest are
still on my To Do list, mostly third-party copies cruft and the usual
glossary mayhem.
The PDF-format main comment Db file:
This pairs nicely with:
Those who prefer a little greasy goo on their hands will want this pair:
Lastly, there is a sidebar file that is not of very much interest for this
The Help File, such as it is, can be found in the first four pages of
13-256r3 (the first URL above).
See you in Irvine,

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