SPC-5 and SBC-3 documents posted in support of ZBC

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Wed Jan 8 07:51:58 PST 2014

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Here is what I think the answer to your question(s) looks like.
Device type
Autonomous (aka Transparent) SMR
Host Assisted SMR
Restricted SMR
Of course, there is a high probability that I am wrong.
All the best,
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Subject: Re: SPC-5 and SBC-3 documents posted in support of ZBC
Current plan is autonomous drives and host assisted SMR drives will have
direct access device type while restricted SMR will have the new ZBC device
type. A field in the block device characteristics VPD page will allow
differentiation of host assisted versus restricted SMR types.
On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Calvin Chen
<cachen at microsoft.com> wrote:
Hi Ralph,
I have couple questions regarding the proposed SMR device identification
1.	 Will autonomous SMR, host assisted SMR and restricted SMR target
device share using the same Peripheral device type 14h = ZBC - Zoned block
2.	 If a storage target device has the HAS_ZBC bit set to 0 and
Peripheral device type 14h = ZBC, does it mean the storage target device is a
restricted SMR drive?
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Subject: SPC-5 and SBC-3 documents posted in support of ZBC
As requested by today's ZBC call, two documents are being posted for January
CAP consideration.
SPC-5: Assign device type code to ZBC
SBC-4: Update Block Device Characteristics VPD page for ZBC
See you in Irvine,

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