Proposal posted for discussion of caching control bits in SBC-4

Ballard, Curtis C (HP Storage) curtis.ballard at
Tue Jan 7 10:10:04 PST 2014

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I've recently had the opportunity to delve into an investigation of how all
of the caching control and reporting bits in SBC-3 are supposed to function
and interact.
I found conflicting interpretations for the intent of the WCE (write cache
enable) bit in the caching mode page and was unable to reach a conclusion
about a preferred interpretation from the existing SBC-3 text.	After some
research on the history of the caching page and the use of this bit I
concluded that I think the intent is for the WCE bit to only control volatile
cache so I have posted a proposal with some suggested text clarifications to
use as a springboard for open discussion of the intent and preference of the
CAP working group.
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