Revised ZBC Commands proposal uploaded

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Tue Feb 18 05:01:05 PST 2014

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A new revision of the ZBC commands proposal that addresses the comments noted
during the 10 February conference call has been uploaded for review on
The text that models the Checkpoint LBA may turn a few heads, but I have
tried to align it as closely as possible with the current model in SBC-3.
In all fairness, I should note that the guy with his hands on the keyboard
occasionally edited more than the conference call may have envisioned.
  *   The search and destroy operation on all unqualified (aka 'naked')
instances of 'device' may be seen as particularly brutal by some.
  *   Attempts to align the error reporting descriptions (and the locations
where those descriptions appear) may produce some whiplash.
See you in a couple of days,

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