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Thanks, Gerry.	That is indeed a severe limit.



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These commands are only valid for devices that implement type 2 Protection
Information. Those commands are illegal for type 0 and type 1 PI
configurations. This would severely limit the systems that could use the
feature. other than that, it is an interesting idea.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Paul Suhler
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During an internal discussion yesterday, it was suggested that I simplify the
proposal by having deadlines only apply to the READ(32) and WRITE(32)
commands, because those have some reserved bytes, one of which could be used
to replicate the ICC field in the READ / WRITE FPDMA QUEUED commands.  This
would have advantages:

1)	Simplified by no longer piggybacking the timeout value on the
priority feature.

2)	Allows a different timeout per command (rather than per priority)

At least one other company had expressed an interest in this functionality;
is it acceptable to have this only for the two commands?



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