Invalid value in SERVICE ACTION field

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Then it appears that WD doesn't implement any well-known logical units - or,
if you do, you are in violation:
Because, Well Known Logical Units violate your statement.  For example, if
you send a REPORT TARGET PORT GROUPS command (A3h/0Ah) to the MANAGEMENT
PROTOCOL WKLU it SHALL terminate the command with ... INVALID COMMAND
OPERATION CODE - even though the logical unit is required to support that
same operation code but with different service actions (A3h/10h).
>From SPC-4:
8.6 MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL well known logical unit
The MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL well known logical unit shall only process the
commands listed in table 714.
If a command is received by the MANAGEMENT PROTOCOL well known logical unit
that is not listed in table
714, then the device server shall terminate the command with CHECK CONDITION
status, with the sense key
set to ILLEGAL REQUEST, and the additional sense code set to INVALID COMMAND
Even the table (table 714 in this case) says that the Operation code is
A3h/10h (with a foot note explaining the "/").	The same statements exist for
every other type of well-known logical unit.
What's good for the WKLU (goose) is good for the regular LU (gander).
Table 120 (which lists all commands) does the same thing - the Operation code
column contains xxh/yyh; and a footnote saying "this command is defined by a
combination of operation code and service action."   The command stopped
being defined by just the operation code value a long time ago.
I'd still like to hear from more hosts as to what they have actually coded -
does INVALID COMMAND OPERATION CODE stop just the single command (as defined
by table 120), or does it stop all commands (again as defined by table 120)
that happen to share the same operation code value, but have different
service actions (does the host track which commands in table 120 have common
operation code values)?
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I agree with Kevin and Rob. The rest of this looks like an
angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin justification for something that SPC does
not require.
WD supports returning INVALID COMMAND OPERATION CODE only when no service
actions are supported for the specified operation code. In all other cases,
WD prefers to return INVALID FIELD IN CDB.

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