Logical Block Markup concerns from W3C addressed

Ralph Weber roweber at ieee.org
Tue Apr 1 10:08:28 PDT 2014

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
I am shocked, sir! Simply shocked ... that an esteemed expert with so 
many years of experience would fail to realize that a new revision of 
this document cannot be posted until 364 days 16 hours of diligent 
deliberation have elapsed.
There is no need to rush to judgement, as implied by the stated requests.
As to the specifics of the posited modifications ...
There will be no String Theory in my proposal. I would rather set the 
code point to the number of Epicycles for Mars than descend into the 
Hades of String Theory. (Epicycles! Now there's a theory with an 
unmistakeable track record!)
As to the proposed strikethrough bit, the underlying specification (see 
CSS) does not support it. Please make arrangements to correct this 
deficiency before requesting that Logical Block Markups blaze a new 
trail through the woods.
As to the matter of the Arial font, copy-cat pretenders to the one true 
font (Helvetica) need not knock at these doors. Microsoft financed tripe 
has no place in a document prepared by this keyboard.
Last, but by no means least, changes to SAM-5 are outside the scope ... 
at a minimum because a year-long world tour will have to be financed in 
order to put the SAM-5 editor on ice long enough to slip such changes 
into the sources.
Many happy returns of the day,
On 4/1/2014 10:59 AM, Paul Suhler wrote:
> Ralph,
> So these two proposals are markups to the previously-marked-up markup 
> proposals?  I’d recommend the following changes:
> Table M.1 - Big endian Access Patterns LBMD format:  Change the Hyper 
> Space code point from 0Ch to 0Bh (i.e., the number of dimensions 
> postulated by string theory).
> Table M.w2 - Little endian Access Patterns LBMD format:  Add a 
> STRIKETHROUGH bit.  This would be useful for device servers performing 
> de-duplication, which could avoid storing the logical blocks at all, 
> which are obviously pending deletion.
> Table M.w3 - FONT field:  Add the following fonts:
> Arial
> Arial Black
> Arial Narrow
> Arial Rounded MT Bold
> Arial Unicode
> DIN Alternate
> DIN Condensed
> Superclarendon
> Wingdings
> Finally, could you please take an action item to add an informative 
> annex to SAM-5 listing all April Fool’s Day proposals?
> Yours in all appropriate seriousness,
> Paul
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>> Rumors about World Wide Web Consortium issues with the Logical Block 
>> Markups proposal may be quelled by a newly posted proposal.
>> T10:
>> http://www.t10.org/cgi-bin/ac.pl?t=d&f=14-105r0.pdf
>> T13:
>> Happy reading,
>> .Ralph
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