Logical Block Markup concerns from W3C addressed

Paul Suhler suhler at ieee.org
Tue Apr 1 08:59:29 PDT 2014

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So these two proposals are markups to the previously-marked-up markup
proposals?  I’d recommend the following changes:
Table M.1 - Big endian Access Patterns LBMD format:  Change the Hyper Space
code point from 0Ch to 0Bh (i.e., the number of dimensions postulated by
string theory).
Table M.w2 - Little endian Access Patterns LBMD format:  Add a STRIKETHROUGH
bit.  This would be useful for device servers performing de-duplication,
which could avoid storing the logical blocks at all, which are obviously
pending deletion.
Table M.w3 - FONT field:  Add the following fonts:
Arial Black
Arial Narrow
Arial Rounded MT Bold
Arial Unicode
DIN Alternate
DIN Condensed
Finally, could you please take an action item to add an informative annex to
SAM-5 listing all April Fool’s Day proposals?
Yours in all appropriate seriousness,
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> Rumors about World Wide Web Consortium issues with the Logical Block
Markups proposal may be quelled by a newly posted proposal.
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