New SPC-4 Letter Ballot documents

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Mon Sep 30 08:47:03 PDT 2013

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In honor of this afternoon's conference call, new SPC-4 letter ballot
documents are being delivered to the T10 website.
New resolution PDFs are available now: [primary document] [supplementary document]
The agenda for today's call appears on page 4 of 12-311r8.pdf.
Instructions for using the various PDF files can be found on pages 1 and 2 of
For those who prefer to pull an FDF into SPC-4 r36, that file is already
uploaded too.
Work is in progress to upload the SPC-4 companion for the above-named files,
which will be SPC-4 r36j. When the upload succeeds, the PDF will be
accessible as:<
SPC-4 r36j should be available by 1 pm CDT.
All the best,

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