New SPC-4 Letter Ballot documents uploaded

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Thu Sep 12 05:07:06 PDT 2013

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The latest SPC-4 Letter Ballot comment database is available in printable
format as:
Pages 1 and 2 of this file explain how to use the other files mentioned in
this message. Those unfamiliar with SPC-4 Letter Ballot files should begin by
reading these pages, since only superficial information is provided here.
For reasons which defy explanation, the Letter Ballot r7 Fickle Finger of
Fate fell on MAM. All comments were processed for all MAM-related subclauses
(model, read/write attribute, parameter data formats). At the top of page 4
in 12-311r7 there is a lengthy list of MAM-related comments to be resolved by
the Westborough CAP.
To see what the comments processing hath wrought, download:
The latest FDF version of the SPC-4 Letter Ballot comments database is:
Use of the FDF file will require a copy of SPC-4 r36, which can be obtained
See you in Massachusetts,

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