Issues in Figures on SAS Speed Negotiation Sequence

Pooja Gupta pooja.gupta at
Tue Sep 10 22:24:05 PDT 2013

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Figure 79 - SAS speed negotiation sequence - phy reset problem in
Train_Rx-SNW of SPL-3 (Revision 02, 16 January 2013)
Shows SAS speed negotiation sequence for a case where there is a problem in
Train_Rx-SNW .
Here, I see two issues in the figure as mentioned below:
1.	 As per new spec, in SNW-3 we can have Train_Rx-SNW and Train_Tx-SNW.
There is nothing like Train-SNW and
Figure title also mentions it as : Train_Rx-SNW. So, I think this needs a
2.	 In SNW-3 after Phy capabilities are exchanged, after RCDT, MTT is
There is no such timer as MTT defined in spec. For Train_Rx-SNW, it should be
Similar corrections are required in Figure 80 on Page 192 for: Train-SNW and
In addition, in Figure 80, colors mentioned at the bottom and used in the
figure are not correct for TRAIN pattern and TRAIN_DONE pattern.
Please share your opinion on this.

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