SPC-4 Letter Ballot documents uploaded for tomorrow's call

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at wdc.com
Tue Nov 26 08:39:16 PST 2013

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The latest revision of SPC-4 is interesting because all sections of the model
clause (except third-party copy) have been processed with only a few issues
open. The same can be said for the REPORT LUNS command, the log parameters,
and the Device Identification VPD page (to drop a few names). Follow-up
review comments on these sections is hereby solicited.
The newest uploads are:
The PDF-format comments database:
The agenda for tomorrow's call is on page 4 of this PDF file.
The matching SPC-4 r36n:
The FDF-format comments database:
Of lesser interest is the stable changes-supplement document:
Guidance on how to use this menagerie is provided on the first two pages of
All the best,

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