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Sorry I have some trouble with ICN and ICMCN calculation.
In IB1.3V2 page 286 Eq. 12,
f is frequency in GHz.
for example:
f = 7.03125 GHz ,fb = 14.0625 Gbps
tr = 24 ps, ft = 0.2365/tr = 9.854GHz
fr = 0.75*fb = 10.5468GHz
so the W(7.03125GHz) = 0.487, is this correct?
In page554 Eq. 26 and 27,
it told that fn is frequency in MHz,
how about fb, fn, fnt and fr...? in MHz or GHz?
also the Ant and Aft, in mVolt or Volt?
and page 555 Eq. 28 and 29
there is a sigma item with lower limt (n) but without upper limit,
what does that mean? what is the item to be added together?
the delta f is frequency step, for example, 10 MHz. is this correct?
also the frequency delta f an fn is in MHz or GHz?
sorry for these stupid questions.
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