SPC-4 LB Timestamp proposal posted

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at seagate.com
Fri May 3 11:25:45 PDT 2013

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I think you need to retain the title of table 57 as "TIMESTAMP ORIGIN
field". This is because text under table 311 refers to this clause as
defining the TIMESTAMP ORIGIN field.
Alternatively, move table 57 to follow table 311, so that the TIMESTAMP
ORIGIN field definition follow right after it is needed. In this case, your
text in blue that refers to table 57 would refer to the new table number in
the new location.
On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 10:21 AM, Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org> wrote:
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> I have posted a rewrite of the Timestamps (nee Device clocks) model for
> review next week..
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> .Ralph
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