Clarification in Error message handling

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Subject: RE: Clarification in Error message handling
You are required to process all 9 steps in the error list (that includes
sending a Control/Status TTIU after an error TTIU) before responding to the
next Transmit Error Response message. I would however also note that not
every Transmit Error Response message in a sequence of Transmit Error
Response message has to have an Error Response TTIU.
The sections that show the examples do not contain requirements and do not
show 100% of the actions. The state machines contain all the actual
requirements so if there is anything that appears to be in conflict the state
machines always win. That said, I will make a note to modify section to note that a Control/Status TTIU is required to be sent after
each Error TTIU.
Bye for now,
George Penokie
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From: Rakesh KN [mailto:Rakesh.KN at]
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Subject: Clarification in Error message handling
Hi George Penokie,
     Please can you clarify the behavior on Error message handling in section  that  "Error response should be send first followed by a control
/ Status TTIU" is only when a single error is seen or when there is enough
time interval between the received consecutive error TTIU's but when back to
back error TTIU's are received the steps 1 to 4 will be repeated till the
set_transmitter_fail_message is made low.
In " Invalid TTIU sequence" on pg 205 the diagram shows that 2
and 3 are consecutive error response but for 4 error response TTIU is
followed by Control / Status TTIU. So it is not consistent so need to confirm
in a back to back reception of Invalid Control/Status TTIU's we just send
ERROR Response TTIU's (without valid control and status TTIU's between the
Error TTIU's )
Best Regards

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