Question on SAS PHY receiver AC common-mode voltage tolerance

Angus McLaren AMcLaren at
Tue Jun 4 09:40:09 PDT 2013

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I'm not quite clear on how the AC common-mode voltage tolerance is tested for
Table 51 in sas3r03.pdf has note d, which states:
"The measurement shall be made with a channel equivalent to the channel used
in the zero-length test
load (see figure 99) (see 5.7.2)."
I assume this means you would simply transmit from a reference transmitter
over a zero-length channel into your receiver, adding CM noise over the FCM
range at 150mVp-p, and ensuring the RX BER remains below 1e-12.
Does the above test correctly describe what is needed here, or is there
another T10 document that provides more detail on this point? I couldn't
track anything down on
Thanks in advance,
Angus McLaren

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