VPD pages and multiple-protocol target ports

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So George, do they have different relative target port identifiers? I'm
guessing yes.
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Subject: RE: VPD pages and multiple-protocol target ports
VPD page 83h may, but is not required to, return multiple transport protocols
for a single SCSI target port.
VPD page 88h should return all the transport protocols on all the SCSI target
ports the logical unit that received the Inquiry command knows about.
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Subject: VPD pages and multiple-protocol target ports
If a SCSI target device contains a target port that supports multiple
transport protocols (e.g. an Ethernet port that supports iSCSI and FCoE),
should the Device Identification (83h) and SCSI Ports (88h) VPD pages contain
target port designation descriptors for all supported transport protocols, or
just the transport protocol that was used to retrieve the VPD page?

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