SAS PHY call August 1?

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Tue Jul 30 14:10:39 PDT 2013

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The main item I have is that the next few F2F meetings will include a joint
session on Wednesday mornings with the protocol group concerning items for
SAS-4 that concern both PHY and protocol. Those attending the PHY meetings
should probably stay for the Wednesday morning protocol session, as
presentations should not be repaeated during the initial development, but
rther, given once to the combined group.
I have received a few editorial comments on SAS3r05e and I am working
those. These are purely editorial issues and do not affect anything
Does anyone have topics for discussion regarding either SAS-3 or SAS-4? If
so, notify me by noon Wednesday (CDT).	If I don't receive anything by
then, I will cancel the Thursday call since I have covered the joint
meeting at the F2F in this email.
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