Minutes of SMR Study Group July 18, 2013

Curtis Stevens curtis.stevens at wdc.com
Tue Jul 23 17:29:08 PDT 2013

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Guys, I do not think a panel is the right approach.  I think we should start
having weekly telecons and agree on a single presentation to use at events
like this.
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Wheeler; T10 Reflector; William Boyle; Zvonimir Bandic
Subject: RE: Minutes of SMR Study Group July 18, 2013
Ditto for me.
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James Borden <James.Borden at wdc.com>
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Gerry Houlder <gerry.houlder at seagate.com>,
T10 Reflector <t10 at t10.org<mailto:t10 at t10.org>>, Curtis Stevens
<curtis.stevens at wdc.com>, Dan Colegrove
<daniel.colegrove at hgst.com>, Dave B
Anderson <dave.b.anderson at seagate.com>,
Jim Hatfield
<james.c.hatfield at seagate.com>, Jim
Malina <Jim.Malina at wdc.com>, Jorge Campello
<Jorge.Campello at hgst.com>, Mike Fitzpatrick
<mike.fitzpatrick at taec.toshiba.com>
, Mike H Miller
<mike.h.miller at seagate.com>, Patrick Hery
<patrick.hery at taec.toshiba.com>,
William Boyle <William.B.Boyle at wdc.com>,
Zvonimir Bandic <zvonimir.bandic at hgst.com>,
Ric Wheeler <rwheeler at redhat.com>
RE: Minutes of SMR Study Group July 18, 2013
Hi Gerry,
I am planning (so far) to attend both, and would like to coordinate with you
on the presentation’s content.  I might be able to assist in presenting,
Was Ric from Redhat going to provide us a slot in a device working session
for Scotland?
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From: Gerry Houlder [mailto:gerry.houlder at seagate.com]
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To: T10 Reflector; Curtis Stevens; Dan Colegrove; Dave B Anderson; Gerry
Houlder; James Borden; Jim Hatfield; Jim Malina; Jorge Campello; Mike
Fitzpatrick; Mike H Miller; Patrick Hery; William Boyle; Zvonimir Bandic; Ric
Subject: Minutes of SMR Study Group July 18, 2013
The meeting anad webex started at 3:30 pm on july 18. Those attending were:
Mr. Kevin Marks 	   Dell, Inc.
Mr. David Black 	   EMC Corporation
Mr. HengLiang Zhang	   Futurewei Technologies Inc
Mr. Curtis Ballard	   Hewlett-Packard Company
Mr. Rob Elliott 	   Hewlett-Packard Company
Mr. Dan Colegrove	   HGST
Mr. Zvonimir Bandic	   HGST
Mr. Kevin Butt		   IBM Corporation
Mr. Pak-Lung Seto	   Intel Corporation
Mr. Hugh Curley 	   KnowledgeTek Inc
Mr. John Lohmeyer	   LSI Corporation
Mr. Dave Uddenberg	   LSI Corporation
Mr. John Geldman	   Micron Technology Inc
Mr. Calvin Chen 	   Microsoft Corporation
Mr. Frederick Knight	   NetApp
Mr. Ie-Wei Njoo 	   PMC-Sierra
Mr. Keith Shaw		   PMC-Sierra
Mr. Tim Symons		   PMC-Sierra
Mr. Ric Wheeler 	   Redhat
Mr. Ronald Dennison	   Research Development Consultants Inc
Mr. William Martin	   Samsung Semiconductor Inc (SSI)
Mr. Martin Czekalski	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Tim Feldman 	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Jim Hatfield	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Gerald Houlder	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Martin Furuhjelm	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Mark Gaertner	   Seagate Technology
Mr. Joe Breher		   Synapse Design Automation
Mr. Patrick Hery	   Toshiba America Electronic Components
Mr. Albert Chen 	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Takeaki Kato	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Curtis Stevens	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Ralph Weber 	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Curtis Stevens	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Scott Watson	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Jim Malina		   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. William Boyle	   Western Digital Corporation
Mr. Alan Westbury	   Xyratex
Mr. Ron Dennison	   Consultant
Mr. Tim Emani
Mr. Garth Gibson
Mr. Alan Poston
The first presentation was by Dan Colegrove (HGST). His presentation is shown
in 13-186r0, posted on T10.org web site.
The second presentation was by Jim Malina (WD). His presentation is shown in
13-184r0, posted on T10.org web site. This presentation explained the
benefits of defining a new device type for SMR disks instead of being a
sub-type of direct access devices.
Gerry Houlder (Seagate) disclosed plans to make an SMR presentation at Linux
Plumbers Conference (Sept. 18-20, New Orleans) and LinuxCon Europe (Oct.
21-23, Scotland). The intend is to use information from the 3 presentations
that have been publicly disclosed during SMR study group meetings to date.
After the webex time completed, WD shows a live demo of a Linux host with two
drives that implement the interface recommended in their presentation. One
drive was a single zone and the other drive was a multi-zone configuration.

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