SPC-4 Late Letter Ballot comment regarding CLEAR and PAMR

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 15 13:45:31 PDT 2013

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I am requesting that a late letter ballot comment be opened against SPC-4 
as follows:
The CLEAR service action of PERSISTENT RESERVE OUT needs to remove the 
medium removal prevention caused by the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL 
command the same a PREEMPT AND ABORT does as specified in 
Preempting and aborting
h) for logical units that implement the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL 
command (see SBC-3,
SSC-3, and SMC-3), the device server shall perform an action equivalent to 
the processing of a
PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL command with the PREVENT field equal to zero 
received on
the I_T nexuses associated with the persistent reservation being 
Needs to be placed in the list of actions listed in Clearing
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