New (and brief) SPC-4 Letter Ballot document

Ralph Weber Ralph.Weber at
Mon Jul 15 05:26:38 PDT 2013

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A couple of days ago, I uploaded SPC-4 r36h and 12-311r6 as the latest SPC-4
Letter Ballot documents.
In something of a surprise to me, those documents contain all the changes
agreed upon by the May CAP, except one tweak which some might see as falling
into the Nit Department.
The changes for the SSD-inspired Sense Data descriptor are in SPC-4 r36h as
are a bunch of changes which expunge all uses of the INFORMATION field except
in Sense Data. The Conglomerate REPORT LUNS change are in there too.
Resolution for the one dangling topic from May will be achieved when CAP
applies its collective editing pen to tweaks in the definitions of Sense Data
descriptors what further clarify how unneeded descriptors are omitted. My
anemic first attempt is posted as:
All the best,

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