Running Adobe FrameMaker 10 in 2013

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Thu Jan 3 09:31:18 PST 2013

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Thanks!  This probably saved me a lot of time and research since I had 
this problem too.
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Subject:	Running Adobe FrameMaker 10 in 2013
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Adobe FrameMaker 10 won?t run in 2013 without a patch...
Since January 1, 2013 0000 hrs, FrameMaker 10 users started getting an 
error: ?Licensing for this product has expired.? This error prevents 
FrameMaker 10 from launching.
Based on your FrameMaker 10 (FrameMaker 10\Technical Communication Suite 3 
or FrameMaker 10.0.1\Technical Communication Suite 3.5) version, install 
one of the following updates."
Rob Elliott, HP Server Storage

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