Which OS'es and/or applications use the Extended Copy LID1 command?

Douglas Gilbert dgilbert at interlog.com
Wed Dec 18 07:41:47 PST 2013

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Paul is already aware of my utilities but for anybody
else interested in this area, the following might be
The open source sg3_utils package contains sg_xcopy and
sg_copy_results utilities. Unlike most of the other
utilities in sg3_utils those two only work in Linux.
They were contributed by Suse.
I have another package called ddpt that now has a --xcopy
option. It will build in Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and that
other OS (needing either a Cygwin or MinGW build
environment) ***. Have a look at the News section on this
The command line syntax of both sg_xcopy and ddpt is based
on the venerable Unix dd command. Also these EXTENDED COPY
(LID1) implementations only do disk to disk copies.
Hardware supporting EXTENDED COPY(LID4) is emerging so I'm
being asked about supporting that. My question is what part
of "LID4" should tools support, just ODX?
Doug Gilbert
*** The MS support for xcopy may not work since here:
     it says that "multitarget commands, such as COPY" are not
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