Schedule of topics at January CAP meeting

Bill Martin-SSI bill.martin at
Fri Dec 6 13:10:36 PST 2013

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I have had several questions about the schedule of topics at the January CAP
meeting. Here is the proposed ordering. Please remember that if some topics
finish early we will move on to other topics. I know that there are people
only coming for the ZBC topics, so that will be fixed at Thursday morning. 
With that said, here is the proposed schedule. Please let me know if you have
any concerns about this.
9 am - SOP-2/PQI-2 (only one proposal at the moment; time to be allocated
based on total non-letter ballot proposals for all open projects other than
Immediately following SOP-2/PQI-2, SAT-3 letter ballot comment resolution
ALL SBC-4, SPC-5, SAM-5, SAT-3 proposals (time to be allocated based on time
available and number of open proposals)
9am - 7pm - SPC-5 letter ballot comment resolution
Any remaining time to be allocated to topics not covered on Tuesday
9am - noon: ZBC proposals
Hope this helps in your planning.
Bill Martin
SSD I/O Standards
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
Cell (916) 765-6875

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