Advice about renaming the Temperature log page

Gerry Houlder gerry.houlder at
Thu Dec 5 12:12:28 PST 2013

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During discussion of proposal 13-253, about adding new environmental
parameters, i was told to "change the name of the Temperature log page to
Environmental Conditions log page". If I do this, it means that many new
standards (SPC-x, SBC-x, SSC-x, others?) will have to be updated to
reference the new name. Implementations to older standards (e.g., a device
claiming to implement SBC-3 and SPC-4) might have a hard time describing
the new parameters (intended for the log page with a new name but same page
number) if they implement them.
Should I actually create a new log page (probably page 0Dh, subpage 01h)
instead of renaming the existing page? I suspect this would be better at
maintaining compatibility with existing documents/ implementations.

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