SAS PHY call 8/29/2013 cancelled

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Wed Aug 28 06:48:28 PDT 2013

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I have no new material to be presented.
SAS-3 letter ballot comments have all been addressed and I will be posting
comment resolution files today and tomorrow.
Yesterday I was notified by Graeme regarding SAS3_EYEOPENING that there
are  "several flaws within the script which I am working on fixing - so
expect a new version within a few weeks" Since this is included in the file, it looks like we won't be able to forward for public review
at the September meeting even though this does not affect the main body
SAS3r05f was posted on 8/21. This version includes all comment resolutions
and editorial/format updates. This version should be ready to forward to
INCITS for public review by simply removing the change bars and the
revision history.
The September PHY meeting should be focused on SAS-4 phy concerns and
status of SAS3_EYEOPENING. Remember that the phy group will meet jointly
with the protocol group on Wednesday morning for proposals that affect both
groups. Please post proposals tagging both agendas or single agendas as
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