Letter ballot comments on THRESHOLD EXPONENT field

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Yup, Kevin is correct.	We shouldn't really invert this because of the LOG
page use of this field.
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Subject: Fw: Letter ballot comments on THRESHOLD EXPONENT field
IBM does not accept this revision to SBC-3.  See below for the reasoning.
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Subject:	Re: Fw: Letter ballot comments on THRESHOLD EXPONENT field
I completely disagree with this statement:
"A threshold exponent field set to a non-zero value indicates the logical
unit supports logical block provisioning thresholds (see"
That is a change to the current definition and adds a normative requirement
that  if I support resource counts in the LBP log page, then I shall also 
support logical block provisioning thresholds, which also states that I have
to support the logical block provisioning mode page.
I am OK with saying "A threshold exponent field set to zero indicates that
the logical unit does not support logical block provisioning thresholds.",
because that is already in the draft.	 I am not OK with the inverse.
This is the main reason for my comment that was rejected:
The threshold exponent is also used for expressing available and used
resource counts in the LBP log page.  One could support providing of the log
page resource counts without supporting LBP thresholds.
The response was:
"No change - The one usage of threshold exponent in the LBP log page
references back to this VPD page and now has modified wording to make the
i.e, clearer (see SBC-3 revision 35f or later). The threshold exponent
referenced in the LBP log page is also the same threshold exponent defined in
the VPD page. If the contents of the THRESHOLD EXPONENT field are non-zero
then the device supports these thresholds. It is not just implied it is
stated as such in the text."
The content of the LPB log page does not contain thresholds, it contains
resource counts. They are useable without supporting thresholds.  I don't see
where it is stated anywhere in the letter ballot version of the text.
Feel free to forward this response.
Roger G. Hathorn
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